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Most of the items featured on this page can be purchased directly from Mary Lou. Use the links on the left to browse the store departments where you will find these and many more treasures.

Flower Power - A New Book from Mary Lou!!

Would you like to do your own fabulous Flower quilt with simple piecing techniques that are fun and you won't need a quarter inch foot to do it? Flower Power contains 32 pages of flowers of every description, butterflies, dragonflies, hats with flowers, frogs, friendly worms, robins, birds flying and sitting and even a birdbath to sit amoung the flowers. This technique is suitable for beginners, children, the advanced quilter and anyone wanting to create colorful, fun and beautiful quilts in a simpler way that doesn't look simple. This book follows the book "Hoochy Mama" quilts and uses the same fun technique. Your quilts are sure to bring oh's and ah's and will be fun for you to do on top of it.

Click here to buy "Flower Power" from Mary Lou's on line store

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Grandma's House Fabric

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Grandma’s House is my new wonderful (not kidding) fabric line. It features all kinds of fun things that Grandmothers will love. Gorgeous colors of turquoise, cheddar, black, raspberry, awesome green, butter yellow etc. Please tell your local quilt shop you would like “Grandmother’s House and Bee Happy” from Benartex, by Mary Lou Weidman.

I plan to do some Hoochy quilts and also baby quilts out of these lines. I think that I can show you simple is wonderful and FUN is the way to go. As Grandma used to say “let a SMILE be your umbrella” and ain’t it the truth. If I could be serious or happy, I wanna be happy. Colorful, whimsical quilts provide happiness to many people and KIDS get it. They love to laugh and be happy and wouldn’t you like to be with adults that think that is great? It’s healthier too!

Grandma's House Pastels

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Mary Lou's soft Grandma's House pastels (Benartex) are available now. Please ask for them in your local shops as they make fabulous bedroom quilts and baby quilts. Shades of pinks, greens, yellows (soft) and my favorite soft aquas make for a beautiful mix for quilts people and babies will LOVE. We offer the pastel pink alphabet to put your favorite baby's name or Grandma saying for a nice gift for someone you love. Make a quilt for a good friend who is a new Grandma.

Bee Happy and Pastel Bee Happy

My other current fabric lines are Bee Happy and Pastel Bee Happy. I hope you will ask your local quilt shop for these fabrics that have running quilters and animals and cute quilt sayings on dramatic color. I think the dots and stripes in this line are some of the best I have ever done. There is a wonderful embroidery cd offered for most machines out of these designs called “THE QUILT SALE”. If you are thinking of Artists Trading Cards, these are excellent images to use and embellish for friends.


Stay tuned for flannels in Mary Lou’s older Cheery Jubilee line. They are new and sure to be great to create with as they are colorful and pretty for young at heart warm quilts.

Fabric from other designers

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We are now selling fabrics from other designers in our online store. Mary Lou has bought bolts that she uses in her colorful quilts so she can offer them to you. She will be doing more of this so it is easy to find harder to find fabrics. These are $9.25 per yard. Minimum yard pieces only.


Ruby Slipper Pin

We offer these wonderful, great quality ruby red slipper pins that make super gifts for getting lots of compliments.

Uncle Sam Pin

Cherry Pin


To see all the patterns Mary Lou has available visit her on line store

Antique Angel $9.00

Chick, Chick, Chick $9.00

Happy Crow Farms $9.00


Quilted Memories $23.95

Fun Stuff

You can buy these items in the on line store.

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Need a gift for a sewing friend or for yourself?

We offer our airline scissors that are sharp and cut everything well and the wonderful necklaces to put them on. Right now I have cobalt blue, multi colored, red, turquoise and white +crystal. We can special order any color combination and some of my favorites are Fall colors (greens, purples and browns), lime greens, and pinks. You may order these on my site by writing in the space and letting us know your wishes.

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Ric Rac is for sale now too. It is my new passion for quilts that need creative touches. The medium is $1.50 a yard and the wide is $2.00 a yard. Specify the color please.

My "Quilt Sale" embroidery card (OESD CD) features ladies fighting over a quilt, dogs, cats, flowers, and all kinds of fun and cheerful motifs in addition to many "quilt phrases." The images on these embroidery cards are taken from my "Bee Happy" fabric line. The embroidery card is available directly from Embroidery Online, or visit their site to find local suppliers in your area.

Hoochy Mama Quilts

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If you have not made a Hoochy Mama quilt yet or joined a Hoochy Mama group, maybe the cool weather will encourage you to be creative. We offer the book for $18 and a pin too! Many people have joined with other Hoochy Mama’s and have built fun groups that eat potlucks, trade fun things and laugh a lot. If you want to start a Hoochy Mama club, we offer a kit to shops who contact us at Marylouquilts.com The kit is $75. and tells you how to get started, what patterns to begin with and it also includes some new patterns not available in the book.

To send Mary Lou a photo of your finished projects, please join any of Mary Lou’s Yahoo groups and put them in the photo section or send them to Marylouquilts@aol.com

More people will see them if you go to Marylouandyou@Yahoogroups.com and enter the photo into the photo section.